#1- The Jonin - Headmaster of the Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu Family is Soke: Angel M. Guerra.

#2- The Head - Instructor of our New York Dojo is Jonin: Angel Lee Guerra.

#3- Only Jonin: R.T.Fuller may Enroll and Promote Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu in ( MT ). (as per Soke: AMG ).

#4- Only Chunin: Max Taylor may Enroll and Promote Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu in ( TX ). (as per Soke: AMG ).

#5- Only Jonin: Steven Miller may Enroll and Promote Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu in ( canada ). (as per Soke: AMG ).



New Rules as of 01-01-2009. the Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu Family Bi-Laws Rule ( R ) was updated to state that only soke: angel m. guerra the Jonin-headmaster of the family. can be the only one to issue a 5th.dan. black belt or higher: under our family.

No Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu Black Belt may give any rank Promotion above 4th.dan black belt (Yodan). with out Soke: Angel M. Guerra (ok). also if your name is not on this website you are not a member of Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu; or you are not Register with our Ninjitsu Family.

Note: any Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu member that do not sign and mail in the Bi-Law form, will not be register as a member. all forms must be mail in by:  08-10-2014

Dated:  02-03-2012

As Per Soke: A M Guerra

Please Note:

To all Bodoki Ryu Ninjitsu members. many of my members would like to know why is it , that i do not hold a higher ranking then a 10th. Dan Black Belt. and some koga ryu members are holding that rank.

well its not a koga ryu ninjutsu ranking. koga ryu ranking only gos up to 10th. Dan Black Belt. and not higher then that. how ever the Bujinkan Dojo  under Grandmaster and Soke: Masaaki Hatsumi do have a higher level under there ranking. they have a ( 11-12-13-14 and 15 ) Dan Black Belt level. no koga ryu ninjutsu dojo has this level. so if you are a koga ryu member and you have a rank higher then a 10th. Dan Black Belt. its not from a koga ryu system.

also only Soke:  Masaaki Hatsumi  from the Bujinkan Dojo  or any of his higher level members may award you this ranking under the Bujinkan Dojo.  also if any koga ryu ninjutsu member has a title of Shidoshi please note that its not a koga ryu system title. its a Bujinkan system title and is given to its members by there Grandmaster or any of its higher ranking members.  

thank you all.

as per Soke: A M Guerra.

as of June, 02. 2012 we are renewing our application fee: from $65.00 to $25.00 per year. members has the right not to register there membership. (but) if you don't you will not be on our active  list. this list is in our main office and will not be added to our website. ( if you are not Active; you may not get Promoted ).